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Autumn Lakes 3 Year Anniversary

Woo-Hoo! CIG celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our purchase of Autumn Lakes last month! Our team has worked hard these past three years to turn this community around and create a safe, clean, and affordable place for the residents of Newport News. The safety of all our properties is a high priority for CIG, installing extensive exterior lighting, adding security cameras, and eliminating foot traffic with strategic landscaping. This April, CIG received a letter from Captain J.P. Smith of the Newport News Police Department, commending us for how far we've come with safety at Autumn Lakes Apartments. This property has an Apartment Life team that lives onsite and holds regular free events for residents! In addition, Manna Church of Newport News has shown up for this community countless times, hosting block parties, holiday events and even distributing food to residents. CIG believes that the way to transform a community is to do it from the inside out. Community togetherness strengthens every resident and forms a sense of belonging in the neighborhood.

So much has been accomplished here through teamwork and faithfulness. Since January 1st, Autumn Lakes has had 117 move-ins, 36 renewals, and we have turned over 145 units! We want to give special thanks to our CTS and Maintenance teams, who are only getting started and have many more amazing things planned for this community!

Check out the team celebrating at Yard House last week! Fun fact: they are sitting in the exact booth they were in when they decided to purchase Autumn Lakes!

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