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Autumn Lakes Foodie Weekend

Last week, Apartment Life at Autumn Lakes hosted two delicious events: "Taste Around The World" and "Summer Pic n Harvest." Both events were a huge hit with the community! At the first event, residents were served plates of Jamaican cuisine that included Jamaican beef patties, rice, jerk chicken, and warm chai tea. This amazing event allowed everyone to try food they would not have otherwise experienced.

At our Pic n Harvest event, community members were served a buffet of snacks featuring a charcuterie board of fresh fruits, meats, and cheese. A highlight of this event was the Apartment Life Team offering the Autumn Lakes residents produce from the community garden. A few residents assisted in harvesting the remainder of the crops and paired them alongside the charcuterie spread. It's incredible how a little bit of food can bring so many different people and cultures together!

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