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It's Spring-Cleaning Time!

An effective spring cleaning allows you to refresh your home while enjoying the changing seasons. At Kev, we do our part by participating in spring cleaning too! Maintaining curb appeal is essential to protecting our property's worth, and there's no better time than spring to add color and life to our properties. Kev Prop cares about keeping a clean and beautiful environment for our community! We are working on rebranding every property to meet our standards to provide our residents with a beautiful place to call home. A few examples are we have added new black gutters to our buildings and ensure the drains are clean of any debris from the weather. We use only cedar mulch around our trees and new flower beds, accompanied by Pencil Holly's and clean black edging. The best part is, now that it's spring, we are seeding the grass at all our properties! When you consider the impact on attracting (and keeping!) high-quality residents, the time and money spent on such efforts cause lasting effects. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean space. Check out our beautiful East Beach Apartments and a fun spring-cleaning checklist for anyone who wants to be inspired this season!

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