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Rise and Shine with Apartment Life

Apartment Life at our Fenner Properties got up bright and early this morning to serve their community! Dyanna and her team set up a Breakfast on the go table for residents to start their day off right with free food and a warm smile. Various breakfast options, such as donuts, muffins, fruit, juice, and coffee, were set out for the community, and many people showed up to connect with Dyanna and other residents! We know people have hectic schedules and sometimes don't have time to eat breakfast, and we wanted to provide a meal that will give them the proper energy to take on their day. It only takes a second for a connection to form, so this event gave everyone the opportunity to stop in for a quick treat and some chit-chat without taking up too much time! We are so thankful to Dyanna and her team for being so committed to this community and its residents!

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