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Safety and Training Officer

Meet Rich Meadows, our Safety and Training Officer here at KEV! Safety officers' primary responsibility is proactively addressing safety issues to prevent accidents and injuries for staff and residents. They serve as a liaison between management and team members, ensuring that safety procedures are successfully taught and put into practice at all corporate tiers. Safety at work is significant, and we understand the value of having delegated staff to ensure the well-being of the properties and employees, creating a secure working environment. Rich has many responsibilities, including bi-yearly site inspections for each property and ensuring properties comply with OSHA regulations. Safety discrepancies for residents, like raised sidewalks, broken windows, and smoke alarm maintenance, are flagged and tended to. Rich also offers training for all employees, including maintenance and office staff, in technical trades, safety policies, and practicing effective conflict resolution and communication. Focusing on safety first develops a sense of trust and well-being among residents and staff and enhances the overall standard of living within the properties. We are so grateful for Rich and all he brings to this company!

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