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We do love our trees; however, they have a long list of liabilities regarding apartment communities. Dead limbs are a threat at any time of year, but they are more dangerous during wind, snow, and ice events. They can fall and cause damage to vehicles and structures or harm people and pets beneath. When healthy limbs grow too close to building windows, power lines, balconies, or rooftops, they often cause dangerous problems. Trees that grow very tall are also a concern, as they may be knocked down or broken more quickly. And let’s not forget to mention all of the damage roots of large trees that are too close to buildings can cause!!

When we acquire a property, as a part of our External Renovation Plan, we take an inventory of the landscaping and identify any trees that need to be removed. At Aden Park and Ebbets Plaza in Virginia Beach, we had to invest in an extensive tree removal project with over 2000 labor hours spent ensuring our residents have a safe and beautiful home environment!

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