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Adopt-a-block at Starboard Townhomes

Mercy Drops Dream Center is a faith-based, volunteer-driven charitable organization that finds the forgotten and helps them build a firm foundation so they will flourish in life. Based in Portsmouth, MDDC is devoted to working with the local community by assisting people facing homelessness, veterans, children in foster care, and those living in underserved areas. On the first Saturday of every month, they lead the Adopt-a-block program at Starboard Townhomes, building relationships from within to nourish and reinforce the community. They host cookouts, parties, community fun days, and dinners for our residents! The main focus of the Adopt-a-block program is to meet the residents' spiritual, mental, and physical needs; some examples are distributing cleaning products, blankets, toys, groceries, and holiday dinners, creating a strong and solid foundation for this community to thrive in! Check out these pictures from some events this year at Starboard!

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