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Welcome to CIG NEWS!

Check out what we have going on in Community Connections, KEV Prop, and the CIG Office!  Here at CIG, we feel that there is enough negative social output constantly bombarding us at every turn.  We’d like to offer an alternative and share some good things happening within CIG and on our properties!


As you know, KEV Prop is our in-house community transformation company that Keeps Everything Virtual as much as is effective for our staff and residents.  While we will still have Community Transformation Specialists on-site, our systems and procedures are all virtual to save time and improve the overall experience!


The goal of our Community Connections Partnerships is to determine the needs of our communities and meet them. Once the needs are identified, events and services can be strategically designed to make the most significant impact and improve our residents' overall standard of living. Below are a few ways our community partners show up, build the community, and facilitate lasting transformation.




KEV Property Management 


Community Investment

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