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Community Garden at Autumn Lakes!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

We are looking forward to this weekend at Autumn Lakes, not only is Manna Church hosting a cookout and activities for the children, but they are also going to be constructing the bed for our very first COMMUNITY GARDEN! Health and nutrition are priorities at CIG, and we are excited to give the residents opportunities to learn about gardening and food cultivation. Community gardens are also beneficial to the environment and can boost the availability of healthy meals, and develop community bonds. Studies have shown that those who grow their own food consume more fruits and vegetables and have better eating habits. Gardening also increases physical exercise while also enhancing mental health and relaxation. In addition to health benefits, gardens also nurture social relationships. These connections are crucial for the well-being of people in a community because they can improve health and increase community engagement!! Our goal would be to have community garden on every CIG property! Here is to the first step in making this dream a reality!

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