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Deep Cleaning and Cultivating

At KEV, we know how important having a clean and healthy workplace is. Cleaning our workplace regularly and thoroughly is essential for keeping it safe, productive, and healthy. At KEV, we use effective products to clean every nook and cranny of your office, even those hard-to-reach surfaces. By regularly cleaning our workplace thoroughly, we'll save money in the long run, boost staff productivity, create a pleasant environment for everyone, and improve the overall atmosphere. Take a look at Susan, Nicole, and Nyesha at our Fenner office, working hard to keep everything spick and span!

We have also recently done landscaping outside our Aden and Ebbetts office. In property management, it's important to consider both practical and aesthetic aspects of landscaping to create a property that meets everyone's wants and needs. Plus, maintaining curb appeal is key—it affects the property's value, tenant satisfaction, and environmental impact. Cheers to our KEV staff for cultivating a sparkling property atmosphere!

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