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East Beach Apartments

Why does everyone love East Beach Apartments in Norfolk? These one- and two-bedroom apartments are just a stone's throw away from the beach and sit amongst several local restaurants and shops! With several boat docks and beach access areas, this is the ideal location for water enthusiasts who enjoy swimming, beach-combing, boating, and fishing. This beautiful community is filling up fast, thanks to the efforts of our CTS and maintenance teams! East Beach has had a very productive summer, welcoming 50 new resident move-ins since June! Anyone looking for a quiet, local, and vibrant area will surely find the perfect place to call home in this neighborhood.

As you can see, East Beach Apartments is the place to be! Not only do our residents love to be there, but so do the staff! Last week, this team took advantage of a beautiful summer day and had their CTS meeting on the sand.

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