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Fenner Apartment Life Onsite

It is official! Dyanna, our Apartment Life Coordinator, and her family are now living ONSITE and will be implementing the full program! We are so grateful for her and her team, who have faithfully shown up for the community for over a year! She will serve the residents and families living in 205 apartments in Norfolk by hosting three monthly events, welcoming new residents, checking in with residents up for renewal, and sharing some neighborly love!

Also, as promised, here are the before and after photos of the Apartment Life House in this community. While it is standard for an Apartment Life team to live in an actual apartment, we had a unique opportunity to renovate a house CIG already owned to house our team. The house needed ALOT of work from top to bottom. Keeping Dyanna in mind and knowing the impact she has already had on the community, we spared no expense on this remodel and hope it blesses her and her family immensely!

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