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Fenner Properties in Norfolk

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Our Fenner Properties are truly in the middle of a TRANSFORMATION with plenty of new residents and community development underway! Last month our team hit a record-breaking 29 move-ins and has a move-in goal of 35 this month! At the beginning of June, the occupancy of these properties was 56.7%, and as of today, they are 67%. Our CTSs and maintenance team are working hard to get these freshly renovated apartments ready for new residents to call home! This community is a great place to live, with so many people taking charge.

In addition to Kev doing their thing, we partner with Apartment Life, a non-profit organization that helps to build a sense of community between neighbors by hosting monthly events and building relationships with our residents. Our Apartment Life coordinator, Dyanna, has been living off-site while hosting events but is so excited to move into her new home on the property soon! Doubly exciting, she will have a perfect place for indoor events soon as we have recently purchased our first Community Connection Center. In fact, other local partners will also use that space, and we are currently developing a strategic plan to support and serve the area well! So much love is pouring into this community, and we look forward to all the good coming in the future!

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