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Keeping it Clean at KEV

It's Earth Day every day here at KEV! We have successfully built a more sustainable company by reducing our dependency on paper. Even with recycling, the amount of paper consumed in offices in the United States climbs by 20% yearly.

The average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year!

You might ask, what are some environmental benefits of going paperless?

Great question! Going paperless preserves billions of trees by increasing oxygen availability on our planet. It also reduces our carbon footprint by decreasing both water and air pollution.

The chemicals in printer ink for copiers can be extremely harmful to the environment. When you simply throw your ink cartridges in the trash, they end up in a landfill or, worse, the ocean. KEV is doing its part by not only transforming its communities but also being kind to the Earth. Paperless workplaces can dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, environmental toxic substances. These are just some of the small steps we take as a company in our virtual model to combat adverse effects on the Earth.

The Earth is home to our communities, and KEV must do its part to keep it clean and beautiful!

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