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Alan joined our company in August 2022 and has been full steam ahead since day one. From maintenance to renovations, Alan is our go-to man to get the job done! His work live by acronym is “WBW” which stands for “What Brad Wants.” Brad is the CEO of our company, and it is very important to Alan that he always meets or exceeds his expectations. He shared his transformation journey with KEV Property Management in front of the Community Transformation Team training this week and let everyone know the reason that he gets the job done every day is because of one very special little lady; his six-year-old daughter. Alan is incredibly thankful to work for a company that brings him absolute joy each day when he leaves his daughter to come to work. One of our regional community transformation specialists can be quoted saying, “On Alan’s unit turns, we haven’t received one work order asking to fix something.” Folks, that is amazing, and truly says something about the quality of work that he completes. In his spare time, Alan is an avid golfer, and one saying that comes to mind that reminds me of him is by Arnold Palmer, “ The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.” Alan is known for taking challenges head-on without excuses and getting the job done!

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