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Life Enrichment Center (LEC) of Norfolk

Earlier this week, CIG had the pleasure of hosting Kevin Turpin, the President and Founder of the Life Enrichment Center (LEC) of Norfolk. The LEC is a non-profit organization that provides literacy tutoring and other life-enriching programs to elementary students in Title I Schools and communities across Virginia and into North Carolina. During his visit, we learned that they offer literacy-based computer lessons to children from underserved communities who are reading below their grade level. The LEC also matches these children with a tutor who works with them once a week for a full academic year. By helping these students achieve reading proficiency by the end of third grade, the LEC is providing them with a chance to excel in their current and future academic pursuits, therefore, increasing their chances of graduating from high school by four times. CIG is exploring collaborative efforts with the LEC that will undoubtedly make a significant impact in our communities by providing educational support that will increase life opportunities!

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