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National Popcorn Day with Apartment Life

We are excited to share how our Apartment Life team went above and beyond to celebrate National Popcorn Day with their communities. At our Fenner Apartments, Dyanna created a fun-filled popcorn bar event decorated with bright, popcorn-themed décor. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as attendees enjoyed hot, buttery popcorn topped with their preferred toppings. Additionally, the team set up a space for people to write down their New Year's thoughts and goals. They provided readily available notebooks, pens, and creative writing prompts to spark ideas and inspire action. We are proud of our team for creating a warm, welcoming, and engaging environment for our community to come together and celebrate.

Dyanna and her team also had a beautiful Sunday, spreading joy and kindness at our East Beach Apartments. They took the time to deliver kettle and buttery popcorn to several residents, ensuring everyone felt appreciated and cared for. Every resident who signed up received a festively decorated bag filled with popcorn, candy, and a movie gift card. The bags were adorned with fun stickers featuring movie themes, making each gift unique and special. It's thrilling to see people like Dyanna and her team spreading positivity in their communities.

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