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North Carolina Team

Workplace camaraderie is essential because it motivates group loyalty, leading to a shared commitment and discipline toward the job. When there’s camaraderie in the workplace, team members trust each other and genuinely enjoy working together, which can increase collaboration, efficiency, and overall productivity. Genuine togetherness is key to successfully building a collaborative and productive team that enjoys working with each other and can accomplish goals easily. Just last week, our HR Director, Kristen, took a trip down to North Carolina to spend quality time with the Boulevard West, NewTown Center, and 6 Prop Teams because we know the importance of showing our staff members that we value them.

A fun side note, the group visited Boulevard West after lunch, and they were surprised when a woman walked in for a scheduled tour and it was their server, Lydia, from the Olive Garden! They had just left the restaurant and were her last table, so it was an unexpected joy when she strolled in. She looked around and adored the place, and the following day, she brought her boyfriend back, and he loved it too!

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