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Power of Education

With school back in session, it is important to CIG that our communities are supported and given all the opportunities to succeed! We are proud to partner with several organizations dedicated to strengthening and changing the lives of our residents and their families through giving, connection, and education! Children who receive encouragement through parental participation and community partners show improvements in attendance, grades, and achievements—leading to less problematic behavior and an overall positive mindset toward school. When we connect with families, we become more aware of the needs of residents and can better provide for them during our community events!

A great example of community support recently was our Apartment Life team hosting 2 Back-to-School events at our Fenner Properties! The first event, Let's Go and Get Ready for School, gave backpacks filled with materials out to prepare these kids for a successful year. The excitement on the children's faces as they picked from a variety of backpacks was worthwhile!

Then, on Tuesday morning, our second event was a Grab and Go Breakfast before school! The kids were thrilled to get bags of goodies on their first day! Even the parents appreciated our efforts to plan a breakfast and seemed to enjoy it themselves. It is a delight to show how deeply we care about our residents and their families.

CIG believes in the power of education and uplifting the next generation to live healthy, happy, and successful lives. We want every individual to have the chance to thrive and excel at anything they put their mind to!

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