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Treating Our Team!

Last week, our Administrative Assistant, Susan, took a trip to some of our properties to treat the teams with a Chick-fil-a lunch! Our teams work diligently every day of the week, and we always want to show them they are appreciated and cared for.

Many studies have shown that gratitude is one of the most effective ways to encourage people and increase productivity at work. Keeping this in mind, our company believes appreciation is essential for developing a positive environment and improving workplace connections.

Spending quality time with our employees, and sharing words of encouragement, contributes to building trust and value for all we do together. As a result, all are motivated to strive for success and increase professional and personal growth.

Shout out to Susan, who has many responsibilities in her role, including managing the Dominion Energy accounts for ALL our properties! Hence why we call her our very own Power Ranger! Thank you, Susan!

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