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Underground Electrical at Starboard

Check out the wires going underground at Starboard Townhomes today! Underground electrical systems have various advantages over overhead systems. For starters, they give a cleaner and more aesthetically beautiful atmosphere since no wires or poles are cluttering the skyline, making the surrounding area more visually appealing. Secondly, underground systems are securely tucked away, making them less vulnerable to disturbances from extreme weather events like storms or strong winds. As a result, they are more resistant to damage from ice, lightning, and fallen trees, providing a more dependable power source. Thirdly, compared to overhead systems, underground electrical systems are safer since there is no chance of an unintentional collision with power lines. This is especially helpful in places like playgrounds, parks, and pedestrian zones with a lot of foot traffic. By embracing the benefits of underground electrical networks and integrating innovative technology, we can create a more dependable, long-lasting, and sustainable environment for our residents!

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