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CIG Acquisitions Team

Introducing our highly proficient CIG Acquisitions Team; Chris, Brett, and Dave! Over the past 90 days, they have closed on an impressive 963 units and are currently working on acquiring an additional 600 units within the next 30 days. Their dedication and hard work are expected to enable CIG to own over 4,000 units by April, with a goal of closing on 2,500 more units in the coming year.

The Acquisitions team plays a crucial role in CIG's success. They are responsible for finding and purchasing adequate properties, as well as raising the necessary capital to close the deals. This involves conducting thorough market research, analyzing financial data, and working with investors to secure the necessary funding.

In addition to their financial responsibilities, the Acquisitions Team also focuses on building solid partnerships with key stakeholders. They work closely with strategic LPs to ensure a smooth acquisition process and establish good relationships with lenders to secure the best possible purchase terms. This requires strong communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to negotiate effectively.

The CIG Acquisitions team's hard work and dedication are integral to CIG's growth and success. With a team like this, anything is possible!

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