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CIG Weekly Bible Study

Happy Friday, everyone! This week, CIG had our first company-wide weekly Bible study led by Justin and Alicia Enquist. We are always excited to learn more about God and His ways and discover the exciting things He has in store for each of us. Every person has a unique and vital God-given purpose and mission, both in their personal lives and as a part of CIG.


Our study began with the book of Nehemiah, where we aimed to learn the secrets that helped him rebuild a city successfully. We hope to gain practical tools for building our lives, families, and businesses as we discover God's plan, purpose, and power for our lives.


We see this as a great opportunity for the CIG family to deepen our faith and strengthen our bonds of fellowship. With Justin and Alicia as our guides, we will see how God's grace works in our lives, unites us, and touches our hearts.


Nehemiah 2:18 – "Let us rise up and build."

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