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Families of CIG

Since the conception of CIG, it has been a family affair. We are so grateful for our families who have loved and supported us at every turn. As most people know, Mark, CIG’s Community Operations Officer is Brad’s brother and longtime right-hand man. What people might not know is you will often find Brad and his mother, Sharon, walking properties carefully planning our landscaping. His father Vic can be found leading a renovation crew, while Brad’s father-in-law weighs in troublesome trees. Our CIG parents have collectively been our biggest fans. Steve, who is now our Community Investment Officer, feels the family love too. His mom, Claudia was one of our very first investors who eagerly supported her son’s new endeavor when Autumn Lakes was purchased. Since then, we have had many other parents invest as well. A few weeks ago, our Acquisition Manager Dave’s parents took their investment to another level by joyfully participating in their son’s largest project to date. They picked up a truck full of furniture for Kiptopeke Studios and delivered it to the Eastern Shore! That’s what we call love!

We are so grateful for our friends and family who walk this road with us and contribute what they can to make our dreams come true by investing dollars, time, and talent. In return, we simultaneously provide opportunities for them to achieve their financial goals!! It is truly fulfilling and a great motivator to keep pressing on!

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