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Fostering Generosity at CIG

CIG and KEV would like to express our appreciation to Josh Jones for sharing the mission and vision of Neighborhood with us. We are thrilled about the partnership between CIG and Neighborhood, which holds great promise for positively impacting the lives of people in the Hampton Roads community.

We learned that Neighborhood is doubling its class size, which means they will be able to help twice the number of people out of poverty and provide them with a living wage. This is an exciting development, and we are honored to support their efforts in any way we can! To that end, we are thrilled to announce our company-wide fundraiser to help Neighborhood obtain the additional equipment they need to serve more people. This includes computers, desks, chairs, and other supplies that will enable them to support a more significant number of people.

At CIG, we believe in fostering a culture of generosity and supporting organizations like Neighborhood. We recognize that giving back to our community benefits us, our employees, and the residents of the area. We are constantly seeking ways to encourage generosity and find joy in positively impacting those around us. We are honored to play a small part in Neighborhood's mission and look forward to continuing to support their efforts in any way we can!

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