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Newtown Center Move-ins!

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Woo-hoo! Our NewTown Center Apartments in Jacksonville, North Carolina, have welcomed not one but four new residents to the community. Our first new resident had been patiently waiting since November to move in, and we are so happy that it finally happened for them. This couple lived at Town Center several years back, and one of them is working with the on-site construction crew to continue transforming units for other families. Secondly, we have a service member who came all the way from the West Coast and arrived in town the same day as her move-in. We are thankful for her service and proud that we were able to have a new unit ready upon her arrival in Jacksonville. Our third move-in works right around the corner at Camp Lejeune. He cannot wait to bring his wife and two daughters from Guatemala to join him in this stunning apartment. Last but certainly not least, we welcomed a hardworking single mom of three to a beautifully renovated unit where she can start making wonderful memories with her children. KEV Property Management’s goal is to provide clean, safe, and affordable homes to its residents. I don’t know about you, but I’d say the KEV Team at NewTown Center hit this one out of the park! We welcome these four residents’ home and cannot wait to continue renovations to bring more families to NewTown Center.

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