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Project Lucas Golf Scramble

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Last month, CIG sponsored the Project Lucas Golf Scramble at The Greenbrier Country Club. A total of $22,000 was raised to help Project Lucas continue to provide scholarships for 276 students in Ruiru, Kenya. Through the Margret Dishong Scholarship Fund, the students will continue to receive a quality education, nutritious meals, family support, and daily discipleship.

Over the last few years, the people in Kenya have endured great hardships, especially families living in extreme poverty. COVID-19 restrictions greatly impacted the economy, daily life, and the education system. Large areas of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya are currently in the grip of a severe drought that has resulted in the loss of soil moisture, caused waterways to dry up, and has led to the death of millions of livestock. Consequently, an estimated 16.7 million people face extreme food insecurity throughout these areas. Amid these hardships, Project Lucas continues to provide life changing scholarships to help weather the storm, or drought in this case, and CIG is honored to support their great efforts!

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