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VP of Construction

This week, CIG would love to highlight our VP of Construction, Jay Beckner! Jay grew up in a family of blacksmiths, welders, and carpenters, learning the ins and outs of construction early on. After graduating from Liberty University with a master’s in psychology, he married his wife Sherri, who also works with CIG in our accounting department, and went on to have three kids, and now seven grandkids! Jay says, "The two best things that ever happened to me were getting married 36 years ago and giving my life to Jesus 31 years ago". Jay was initially drawn to CIG by our love for the community and our goal to provide safe, clean, and affordable housing while also building relationships with the residents with community engagement. CIG holds a higher standard for itself and our communities, trusting that amazing people like Jay will cross our paths and help us make a difference!

As the VP of Construction, Jay has many responsibilities. He ensures that all our Capex projects are on time and on budget, including negotiating prices, working with the contractors to develop a good relationship, and verifying the job is done correctly. Currently, Jay is working on inspections for our Kiptopeke Studio Apartments in Cape Charles, with hopes to get people moved in as soon as next week. He is also in the early planning stages for our Autumn Lakes Studio Apartments! Another project he oversees is our new landscaping at Aden & Ebbetts Apartments, which involves repairing over $100,000 in tree and root damage to the sidewalks. If that weren't enough, Jay is also working on asphalt repairs, new fencing, and railing for Starboard Townhomes and East Beach Apartments! We are so proud to have someone as hardworking and passionate on our team! This is what it means to be a part of CIG!

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